In March 2015 we begun work with PJ Davidson on the Crossrail C305 project to slipform the tracksub-bed and walkways of the Eastern Running Tunnels under London. The challenges of a total of72km of slip formed concrete in over 12km of twin-bored tunnelwere tackled head on by the teamin an innovative way.Prior to starting the project, we undertook several trials above ground, to identify the most suitableway tooptimise the transport of wet concreate over such large distances from above ground, lowingdown shafts and then through tunnels to the site of slip formed pore. This involved differentconcrete mixes, alternative ways to ensure the concrete adhered to thetunnel segments, as well asModular concrete mixers with lifting eye, stillages and bespoke manufacture tunnel dump truckswith key focus on reducing health and safety risks to an absolute minimum.Due to theapplied unique designs andthe knowledgefromPJ Davidson onautomatedslipformingconcrete,theinnovativebespokeapproach to the projectallowedPJ Davidson to complete theworks with no reportable accidents or incidents, at a rate that exceeded the preceding works,ensuring that the tunnel was handed back for follow on activities, without delay. The rate ofprogress achieved by a small team ensured that production was achieved with an efficient size ofgang which remained consistent throughout the works, with minimal staff turnover, despite such anintense working environment

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