We are on the supply chain for HS2 and have a dedicated plant manager in Eddie Staines who is able to help you with supply of labour and operators for any of your plant hire requirement – Contact 07831 262808.



Our Site Spec Plant Trailers come complete with aluminium ramps, a rear steering axel which included hydraulic lock out, air suspension, air brakes, advanced EBS and specialist vehicle under run bar. Our plant trailers are manufactured to a high spec with a high speed running gear and load sensing braking controls to ensure a safe braking in all situations. To find out more please see our Site Spec Plant Trailer PDF.


We offer a wide variety of dump trailers, including standard site dumpers, premium site dumpers, multi-purpose dumpers, drop side dumpers, high tip dumpers and multi tip dumpers with our standard sizes ranging from 14T – up to 22T.

Complete with heavy duty hydraulically operated tailgate, k80 hitch, full road legal lighting kit, stone guards, air brakes, chapter 8 high visibility markings and many more optional upgrades.


We offer a wide range of liquid transporting solutions in a range of volumes, with our tankers designed for fresh water, or site dewatering, and fuel bowser with options for additional adblue storage. Our fuel bowsers are constructed from steel throughout with 110% bund capacity in accordance with PPG2 pollution prevention and options to adhere to ADR legislation.

With a multitude of tank sizes, options for suspension types, axle quantities, tyre sizes and an endless list of accessories, we can custom build the perfect Tanker and Bowser for the job.


Our Hook Lift trailers are designed to optimise construction – based work efficiency, while maintaining very low equipment costs. Ranging from 10 Tonne – 28 Tonne the hook lift utilize one high speed chassis kitted out with a heavy duty hook lift mechanism and a selection of bodies.

Developed to CHEM standards, our trailer is fully compatible with all commercial hook loader containers. The multi-purpose hook lift trailer can perform a wide range of applications, operating as a bulk trailer, vacuum tanker, flatbed trailer, dump trailer, skip loader and much more. All by simply exchanging containers.


These trailers have been developed with quick and easy deploy rear steps and sid eaccess walkways. With the ability to increase the size of the trailer it gives operators the ability to safely secure loads to the deck of the trailer, or access the side doors on shipping containers or welfare units.

This trailer replaces the close alternative of trailers with post inserts and a manually rigged ratchet style handrails. The use of this trailer on your site will offer exceptional safety, increases the speed and maneuverability of what potentially could have been a static time consuming relocation exercise.


Dust suppression has been an ever growing environmental concern and we therefore offer a range of equipment to help combat its spread. Our basic models are water tankers with splash plates, which are best suited to sites where water use isn’t an issue.

Where water usage is a concern we offer our hydraulically driven carbon fiber spinning disk which uses high speeds to atomise water into fine mist, trapping residual dust on haul roads and other dusty areas. Furthermore our mist cannon provides a more controlled spread of fine mist to allow you to target specific machinery or equipment that output high levels of dust.


Our standard spec flatbed trailers come complete with our boxing ring handrail system which allow for safe access to the bed of the trailer to unchain and strap loads without any risk of falling from the trailer. Complete with our safe air braking system, K80 hitch, and high speed commercial spec suspension and axles.

Staines flatbed trailers also have the option to upgrade to custom load securing framework, manufactured to connect to the trailer via ISO approved shipping container twist locks. These custom frames help transport specialist loads quick and safely making these repeatable processes save money in the long run.


Working in collaboration with JCB and Pallfinger to introduce the brand new top spec Fastrac crane plant trailer. Specifically designed to enhance the use of all components, helping to achieve an entirely new system to aid the construction site / haulage operation. Being one of the first cranes mounted on a tractor drawn 21ft usable bed trailer, this crane trailer does not. For more information please see our Fastrac Crane Trailer Spec Sheet PDF.