Water Bowsers 1700 Gallons


These tankers have a detachable parking stand and PTO holder fitted as standard. All MAJOR tankers are constructed from 6mm steel for maximum strength. The axle is a heavy duty agricultural spec axle. To comply with applicable legislation, the 1700 agri model is fitted with a safety breakaway cable. The LGP models have hydraulic brakes as standard ensuring compliance with the regulations for this model of tanker. Rubber buffers are fitted as standard on the drawbar to give a smoother and safer journey. These tankers are galvanised as standard.

Key Specs
Capacity (Gallon)1685
Capacity (Litres)7660
OA Length (Hitch to coupling ball) 6.4m
OA Width 2.6m
OA Height (Add tractor hitch)3m
Weight (empty) 2550kg
Weight (Full)10210kg
Wheel recessNo
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